The British Plant Gall Society

The Society was founded in1985. Its foundation was a natural response to the growing interest in the study and recording of plant galls. It also co-ordinates the activities of cecidologists with widely differing backgrounds and interests. The broad spectrum of biological sub-disciplines, ranging from molecular biology through to ecology, is reflected in the society’s membership and publications.

The Society publishes paper keys and books on cecidology and frequent newsletters. Also, they publish the stimulating journal Cecidology.

Many activities are being organised every year. Field meetings, workshops, courses, surveys and preparation of a National Check List. An identification service is provided and the Society maintains a collection of photographic slides which members may borrow, for example to assist with a lecture.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in any aspect of plant galls. Annual subscription for full membership is (UK members) UK £10-00, and (non-UK members) UK £15-00, due on January 1st. Members are entitled:

to receive the Society Journal and Newsletters, 
to participate in all meetings, 
to seek advice or information through the Society, 
to receive concessionary rates on services, meetings and publications.

To apply for membership please send your request by email to the Membership Secretary ( Please include the text "BPGS" in the subject line.

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