Jojanneke Bijkerk: At the moment I am working for Koeman en Bijkerk bv, in Haren. Working with quick-scans for the Flora- en faunawet and other law and legislation.

Together with my husband Jasper Helmantel I have a nice company selling wild flower seeds and meadow mixtures called Cruydt-Hoeck (

In July 2005 I finished my bachelor Coastal Zone Management, a four year course at the Van Hall Institute in Leeuwarden. Previously I did two years of Biology at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. For the preparation of my study at the Rijksuniversiteit in Groningen I did one (propaedeutic) year at the Faculty of Science in Nijmegen for the course of Teacher Biology. Before this I was educated at the G.A. van Swieten Tuinbouwschool in Frederiksoord, during a course called Nature, Environment & Landscape management.  I have always liked the native flora of the Netherlands and neighboring countries very much, and the interaction of plants with other organisms have always had my interest, but since 1997 I started working on plant galls. On this website I would like to share my experience on plant galls. Every contribution will be greatly appreciated.

During Spring 2003 I spend some time in Belize, Central America, and in autumn in Sogndal, Norway. On this website I show some of the galls I found there. Especially with the Belizean galls identification is a major problem! It is already very hard to find out wich plant species, genus, or family you are dealing with... But I hope some of you can help me out in the future!

Jasper C. Helmantel is responsible for the original format of this website and he helps me out with technical problems. Jasper is is a garden designer ( and together we have a small nursery called Triskel in Westeremden, apart from our seed company Cruydt-Hoeck.