When I saw plant galls for the first time I wanted to know what species there were to be found basically, and so I started collecting anything that looked like a plant gall. Boxes full of them I have now. Nowadays I think it is better for me to take pictures (digital or slides) and when you are interested in the gall maker itself, it is a good idea to try to get the inhabitants to emerge from the galls. The list of species described below are gall makers and their hosts, from species that I myself or another gall studying person has seen. A description is given and, where possible, a picture. For people who are interested in the Dutch distribution of pant galls can soon take a look at the database we are preparing for this website. Since the subject of plant galls becomes more popular only recently, we do not have yet such an extended database. Any contribution is welcome!
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Gall jewellery! Aafke Schoonhoven made herself some necklace from two galls of the gall wasp Andricus kollari and a lot of galls of the gall waspAndricus quercuscalicis. She calls it a "tree fruit jewellery" and proudly showed it to her colleagues, who had never noticed galls before and quite liked it! 
Picture: A. Schoonhoven

A work of art these galls are!
From the north of Portugal I received this picture from the artist Leni van Lopik. She lives in Portugal and is inspired by the shapes of plant galls. For the example on the right she used galls of the gallwasp Andricus quercustozae.

On the 1st and 2nd of April 2006 Leni van Lopik has held a festive exhibition of her work at STUDIO MM+ in Breedenbroek, the Netherlands. The exhibition was called "Colour on the Mountain".

Picture: L. van Lopik

Bride's Bouquet. On the 25th of August 2005 I got married to Jasper Helmantel. He arranged for me the most wonderful bride's bouquet a plant and gall loving person could wish for!!! It consisted of:

— From Westeremden: 
Quercus robur with Andricus quercuscalicis;
Quercus robur with Neuroterus albipes.
— From between Onderdendam and Tinallinge:
Phleum pratense with Claviceps purpurea.
— From the Kleine Plantage in Eenrum:
Miscanthus shinensis cv;
Molinia 'Transparant'.
— From between Baars and Eenrum:
Alnus glutinosa with Eriophyes laevis.
— From Broek (at Fenna's place behind the sea dike):
Seriphidium maritimum;
Elytrichia repens.
— From Wehe den Hoorn:
Acer campestre with Aceria macrochelus;
Ulmus spec. with aphid.
— From Arborealis in Nijebercoop:
Echinochloa crus-galli.
— From 'de Heliant' in Appelscha:
Hypericum perforatum;
Origanum vulgare;
Acer campestre.


Bride's bouquet

Detail: Knoppergall

Pictures: Eric van de Ham



Tinned galls on corn. (Ustilago maydis) We received this tin with corn galls from Simone & Brian Kabbes, who brought it home from one of their journeys in Mexico. Since it is only one tin can, we don't want to open it.... But you can find all sorts of recipies on the internet about cooking with corn galls! 

Cooking with corn galls